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Life is exciting when you learn to
Be Fearless. 

At 22 I was a qualified secondary teacher running a Music department, responsible for 4 members of staff, 1200 young people and an award winning students singing group. I left teaching to become an Opera singer & whilst I studied at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire by day I moonlighted as a popular music business management student by night & funded my studies as a community choir conductor. I was approached to coach a failing school's children's choir & 9 months later we were winning a competition at the Royal Albert Hall & representing England in the World Choir Games. I soon understood that the skills I was using to conduct award winning choirs could be used to train  new leaders. I began to coach on change management programmes and was head hunted as an executive coach on an emerging leaders program in the banking industry in the UK and New York. In between flights I wrote an operatic cabaret, created a successful crowd funding campaign to tour at the Edinburgh Fringe, founded an all female Diva Touring Team, became Britain's first award winning operatic comedian, began a hectic European and American touring schedule, entertained ladies of the UN and returned to the Royal Albert Hall as a singer. I studied the neuroscience of confidence and created a Be Fearless programme for Women and non Alpha's in business. It was all going rather well then the pandemic closed every theatre and corporate events venue in the world. I switched to 'on line Be Fearless' training, started copywriting and became a volunteer reader and content creator for the extraordinary team at Sandwell Talking News. Being Fearless can be learned by anybody.


What will you do with courage on demand?