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"Visitor numbers in 2022/23 were higher than the previous year, but still down 18% on pre-pandemic levels" Annual Museum Survey 

Be Fearless UK Solution:
Visually Impaired Experience Creator

Museum Curator: "While we may think we understand the needs of visually impaired visitors, it's important to recognise that we often overlook their input by not directly consulting them."

Visually Impaired Visitor: "I assume that they know what I need, but I don’t want to seem rude, so I don’t always tell them."

Sarah-Ann: "I am your friendly translator. I will bring the needs of my visually impaired friends to you, such as tactile art, relatability, community creation, a social opportunity, audio descriptions, real-life Q&As, sound and movement, and trigger warnings for their guide dogs and you can offer solutions. Together, we can create a unique and compelling experience."


In collaboration with Birmingham Royal Ballet, the Freefall 21st Anniversary Exhibition. Freefall Explored, a sensory experience created in collaboration with Sandwell Visually Impaired, Sarah-Ann and the Freefall Team, Artistic Director Lee Fisher.


Tony Avery Chair of Sandwell Visually Impaired and his guide dog Amber, use a mini maniquin to create mental images of ballet positions.


Talk, Tea & Tapestry. An audio description of the Bearwood Tapestry over a brew in collaboration with Sandwell Visually Impaired, Sarah-Ann and the Bearwood Hub

Audio describing the world premier of Frankie Goes To Bollywood.

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