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Speaking Fearlessly - What’s the point?

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In my previous coaching profession, pre Covid, I used to talk about upgrades and how frequently we upgraded the software on our devices. I presented the metaphor that our brains were no different. If we didn’t upgrade our skill set then like our work phones, we wouldn’t run as efficiently. The difficulty in 2019 was that ‘upgrading’ often felt a bit ‘OMG’. My conclusion was about embracing every #OMG moment because, like our phones, none of us wants to become obsolete, then I’d launch the room into iOS Speaking Fearlessly.

However 2020 feels like one continuous #OMG upgrade. My metaphor is as outdated as a Nokia 2760. I’ve had to rethink Speaking Fearlessly and how it is relevant in 2021. I think for the past 4 years there has been a preference for super confident leadership over competent leadership. We are about to enter a post Brexit, post Covid, post Trump World where success will be defined by innovation, inspiration, different customer engagement and a fresh understanding of your key market. Confidence alone will not be enough. The balance needs to be readdressed so that confidence and competence are the respected form of leading. In order to do that we need to take all our knowledge and all our skills and speak about them and use them, fearlessly.

You have proven that you embrace your #OMG upgrade every day. Now learn to Speak Fearlessly about it.

What’s the point? Speaking Fearlessly is your most empowering tool of 2021.


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