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LDIII Rage & Sadness

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

I have checked in on my friends and I have learned two significant things:

1: Everybody is finding Lock Down III tough. Harder than No.1 and more difficult than no.2. 2021 has gifted us Lock Down fatigue and all of us have admitted to feeling sad and low.

2: Every friend who has a child has said the words (along the lines of): "I'm on the edge, at any point I think I'm going lose it and shout at somebody, you know, really shout."

January and February are known to be difficult times. The NHS website suggests the winter months trigger Seasonal affective disorder in some people. I and many of my friends have lost somebody around now and begin a fresh grief cycle. In addition LDIII has placed us in a type of solitary confinement in order to save and protect the ones we love which is an extra layer of grief for the nation.

It's ok to not be ok. It is predictable that as we feel down our Alter Egos arm themselves for battle. This is one of the reasons you may feel 'ready to snap' and that feeling is ok. We do need to find a manner of venting which is safe for the people around us and protects them from our Alter Ego's wrath. Fortunately there are many talking therapists on all channels who can provide safe strategies with solid scientific foundations. Here are some of my family's methods for dealing with LDIII sadness and rage.


That walk, run, cycle, pushing the baby buggy, managing to pour your kids into a winter coat and run them round then block will significantly improve your and their sadness, self-esteem and Fearlessness. If you’re feeling happier, your Alter Ego is less likely to explode! Here’s a tiny slice of evidence to back this up (google it, there’s bucket loads of evidence):

Publication: Exercise the miracle cure and the role of the Doctor in promoting it, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

Simple activity has been found to be highly effective for people with mental health issues, eg the ‘walk in to work out’ trial in Glasgow, sustained good results for older people with depression, significant improvements in depression with activity and a 90% improvement in self-esteem and well-being with “ecotherapy” or any physical activity outdoors.

Talking to people

Many friends have suggested that they have Zoom fatigue. Having spent all day working on Digital Communication platforms or home schooling on the bug*er, they don’t feel inclined to be sociable on it after work. The problem is, this doubles down on our feelings of isolation and doesn’t break down the Cortisol stress hormone that LDIII has shot through our system. Dopamine and Oxytocin melts the stress (howtoacademy, Ruby Wax in conversation with Hannah McInnes). Recent studies suggest that the best way to release these hormones is by hugging a human (in your bubble obvs) stroking a pet or chatting with friends or family who make you happy. I checked and it’s not against the law to retro phone call a mate whilst lounging on the sofa in your PJs, chatting about how you feel or talking complete rubbish WITHOUT A VIDEO. Reach out, your raging Alter Ego will thank you.


And finally

My Little One’s Alter Ego gets throwing rage and not about anything solvable. I have reasoned that I’ve wanted to smash things, most of the time, since March 2020, it would be hypocritical of me (and probably not very helpful in the long term) to close down that rage. I gave my LO a pillow which was cobbed at an impressive velocity at the Sofa.

Better? I asked
Yes. LO said.

Since then, I find throwing soft somethings (when impressionable minds are asleep) at non breakable surfaces to be an affective way of managing Diva during LDIII. I’ve been told by other parent friends:

I quietly walk out of the room grab a pillow and scream into it.
Screaming in the car is sound proof and satisfying. It helps.

Give these ideas a whirl and please do share your rage and sadness dissolving strategies with me.

Remember, it is OK to feel not OK during LDIII and if you are struggling to cope call your GP or one of the charity links below.

Many hugs to you and your Alter Ego

S-A :)

Publication: Exercise the miracle cure and the role of the Doctor in promoting it, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

Seasonal affective disorder NHS website

Getting help from a mental health charity. NHS A to Z

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