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Decompression the neglected afterwork routine

Before Covid (BC) I had a decompression routine after work.

  • Walk from rehearsal to train station

  • Listen to comedy on my phone

  • Walk home

  • Chat about rehearsal with flat mate

  • Cup of mint tea

  • Eat

  • Shower

  • Decompression complete

The walk used up the rehearsal’s adrenalin, the comedy silenced my internal ‘to-do’ list, the chat and hug (BC) from my flat mates and Husband gave me a much needed Oxytocin boost and the tea, food and shower provided a norm that made me feel in control and calm. Before the Pandemic all of us had a decompression routine. Now remote working, learning and planning has seamlessly merged into our home life and the valuable 10+ minutes decompression has evaporated. Without it you can’t switch back to Network Calm. The ‘GO GO’ hormones are still racing through your body, your heart rate will still be elevated and depending on your job's stress level, your immune and waste elimination system will be suppressed. Our body is not designed to stay on this Network BOOST and you can’t be Fearless if you are mentally and physically exhausted. To nurture your Fearless you need to create a ‘working from home decompression routine’:

Calm Human + Pumped Alter Ego = Speaking Fearlessly

Here are some ideas to play with:

Tweak your former decompression routine

Bullett point how you decompressed before the Pandemic and pinpoint which norms you can still apply.


“There is a 20% to 33% lower risk of developing depression, for adults participating in daily physical activity” (Exercise the miracle cure and the role of the Doctor in promoting it, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges)

Add a walk, run or cycle to the end of you day.

If you can’t leave your home or are differently abled explore the many “10 minute afterwork fitness” movs on youtube.

Play your favourite track and dance/wiggle/wave like nobody is watching. For an added happy hit (Dopamine) sing along, loudly!


Amy Cuddy Ph.D “I am a scientist, and so now I have to eat my resistance, because the evidence that yoga yields positive psychological and physiological results is nearly impossible to refute”. Yup, Yoga isn't just a load of tree hugging nonsense, sorry. There are as many varieties of Yoga and Mediation as there are types of music. A bit of Google searching and you can find a style that suits you, your phyiscal ability and your available room space. Internet searches can be overwhelming so ask your mates and colleagues for recommendations. The phone call has the added bonus of a much needed Oxytocin hit.

Everybody’s after work decompression routine is unique and interesting. I’d love to read your ideas below and reading them would make Diva feel less lonely!

All the best

S-A :)

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