What can you learn from an award winning conductor and opera singer ? 

Identity, Resilience, Imposter Syndrome, Hybrid working.

Hybrid working is the norm. Adaptability to respond to an ever evolving market is at the forefront of an elite musicians thinking. That uncomfortable mental moment of adjustment is brief. From albums recorded in bedrooms, lock down DJ sets live streamed from skyscrapers, NFTs (unique digital artworks) made in the living room and eventually augmented reality arena shows, elite musicians embrace being at the cutting edge of change.

Resilience. Failure doesn’t phase the elite musician it focuses them. They reflect and evaluate their own performance and bounce back better, sharper, and more competitive.

Identity. Elite musicians lean into their uniqueness. They embrace their personal brand because companies and audiences don’t buy beige, they invest in people that pop.

Imposter syndrome. Elite musicians view the Imposter as an experience to be navigated not a disorder to be endured. They run at it, through it and out the other side.


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