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Can anybody learn to be fearless?

Neuroplasticity says yes! 

Sarah-Ann Cromwell, founder of Be Fearless UK:

When I talk with people about performing at the Royal Albert Hall, they often say 'Wow! It's alright for you but I could never do that'. I didn't  pop out of the womb waving my jazz hands and neither did any elite musician. We had to learn how to fearlessly hold the attention of 1000's people. My capability and intelligences aren’t fixed and neither are yours. This growth mindset is supported by neuroscience called Neuroplasticity which is when the brain is rewired to function in some way that differs from how it previously functioned. It is the brains ability to change and adapt through experience, to literally grow new bits of brain. Building brain takes daily practice and permitting yourself to be curious about behaviours that are and are not working for you. Growing grey matter takes being interested and receptive to new ideas and different ways of thinking. It isn't a quick fix. It is extremely exciting, life changing, long term, and anybody can do it. You deserve to be your most fearless you and we want to help you become it.

Innovative, disruptive leadership and team building programmes using elite musician's psychology.

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