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Creating dynamic, resilient, adaptable leaders for an evolving business world.

Businesses. Academic Institutions. Women Entrepreneurs.

Business Programmes

You have one chance to


  • close that deal

  • pitch an idea to the board.

  • perform a successful speech to your team.

Mounting pressure.

High stakes.

Can you deliver in the moment?

Educational institutions

No graduate or apprentice should be deemed unemployable. 

Recruiters confirm that most graduates and interns buckle under pressure in an interview which negatively impacts your professional job threshold.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Invest in the reputation of an alumni who can

deliver in the moment.

Women Entrepreneurs

You are one of the record number of UK companies created by Women in 2022.


Are you also one of the 60% who struggles with self belief and business identity?

Pitching to investors?


Closing that deal?

Can you deliver in the moment?

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