Sens Cathedral,France, 2016, Mozart: Exultante Jubilate

Auxerre, France, 2016, Mozart: Exultante Jubilate

St Julien du Sault, France, 2016, Mozart: Exultante Jubilate

La soprano Sarah Ann Cromwell, issue du conservatoire de Birmingham où elle a reçu des prix prestigieux, a interprété avec beaucoup d'émotion l'Exultate Jubilate-Alleluia de Mozart. Grande professionnelle, elle a su réjouir le public par sa fraîcheur et sa fantaisie au moment de saluer. Exultante Jubilate

http://www.lyonne.fr. 2016
www.Broadwaybaby.com 4 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Edinburgh Fringe 2013

Sarah-Ann Cromwell, a Birmingham lass who has discovered that 'you don't have to be posh to sing opera', chats and sings up a storm in Diva Gigs. Charting her opera journey, which has taken her around the UK and Europe, Cromwell summons several colourful characters to tell her story, including a disdainful opera coach and Rhydian, of X Factor fame. With the help of a skillful pianist [Ana-Maria Andritoiu] who isn't afraid to join in the fun, Cromwell blasts out the numbers that have shaped her career, accompanied by hilarious explanations of the operatic story-lines, with the disclaimer 'it sounds much more romantic in Italian'.

Cromwell breaks free from the yoke under which many female comedians find themselves - the idea that women can only be funny if they are making jokes about being women and it is this which makes her show so remarkable. Apart from a brief tribute to her favourite female singer and songwriter, Cromwell makes no mention of her gender, reaching instead for witty tales about Walsall and her music students, which leave many of the audience in fits of laughter.

This, Cromwell's first show at the Fringe, is a triumph. She makes mention in her act of an occasion when her gags were met with stony silence, but she needn't worry about Diva Gigs. This is a show for all ages and nationalities, for the posh and the proudly working-class and proves that both music and laughter are pretty much universal.

Kathleen Sargeant - www.Broadwaybaby.com 4****

www.timeout.com 4 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Edinburgh Fringe 2013

One of the growing number of classically trained performers turning to cabaret, Sarah-Ann Cromwell is the only one delivering a full set of opera. It's a nice USP but this is far from a gimmicky show: it's simply a pleasure, partly because of the quality of Cromwell's voice but also because of her enormous charm, engaging humour and relaxed manner. The set is loosely structured around her career switch to singing from teaching (that experience might account for her down-to-earth ease with an audience, and her delivery being a trifle de trop at times) and, after opening with a Bach oratorio, she wisely balances canonical pieces with works in English, from an excitably gossipy 'Trouble in Tahiti' to unfamiliar, almost music-hall-style songs by female Victorian composers. Each is lightly but effectively contextualised and Cromwell's passion for the works themselves and her performance of them is plain. The benefit of creating her own show, she notes, is that 'I get to do the music that I want to do, not the music I ought to do'. That pleasure shines through from beginning to end.

Ben Walters - www.timeout.com 4****

Sarah-Ann, you were amazing - your voice carried beautifully! I thoroughly enjoyed your performance this evening. Bach B Minor Mass

Gail Meek, facebook 2012.
Hi Sarah-Ann, just thought I should say how much we enjoyed your singing last night. It was beautiful and matched how lovely you looked. I'm sure you know, but you look so professional and connect with the audience beautifully. Bach B Minor Mass

Val & Dez, e mail 2012.
Soprano Sarah-Ann Cromwell (her radiant singing lit up the evening). Bach B Minor Mass.

Norman Stinchcombe, www.birminghampost.net 2012.
It was so nice you could sing with us, and on behalf of the choir, and our conductor Nigel Stark, thank you very much for your strong soloist contribution to the whole performance of Bach's B Minor Mass. We really wanted more opportunity to hear you! I do very much hope we can sing with you again!

Rachel Middleton, Joint Concert Secretary, Royal Leamington Spa Bach Choral Society 2011
On behalf of Birmingham Choral Union, we write to thank you for your very fine performance as Soprano soloist on this memorable occasion. Colin Baines our conductor was delighted by your sensitive and convincing interpretation of the music. Audience feedback has been very positive.

Mike Bloxham, Chairman Birmingham Choral Union 2011
I would like to add my congratulations on your wonderful performance. It was a pleasure meeting you and we hope you will sing with us again very soon.

Anne Nisar Birmingham Choral Union 2011
We knew from her whole being that Jill Turner [Contralto] was bringing us good tidings and we rejoiced with Sarah-Ann Cromwell [Soprano] in her exuberant singing and exquisite runs.

Nidderdale Messiah 2009 Press Review
Soprano Sarah-Ann Cromwell, taking part at just two-days' notice due to an indisposition, sang with clarity and true emotion, especially in the ecstasy she portrayed at the words 'now is Christ risen'.

The Wetherby News, Handel's Messiah, 20 December 2008
The soprano soloist, Sarah-Ann Cromwell, from Birmingham, was in fine voice throughout, culminating in a particularly sensitive and compassionate interpretation of "I know that my Redeemer Liveth" rendered with immaculate tuning

Geoffrey Raspin Ripon Gazett 2008

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