Confidence & Empowerment Coach

"I would like to credit the extraordinary mental skills practitioner & former CBSO oboist Karen O'Connor for inspiring me to share performance practice methodology to people outside of the Musician's World. You will be missed"

"I am the 1st female Soprano in THIRTY YEARS of the international touring vocal group Cantabile - The London Quartet, Britain's 1st Award Winning Operatic Comedian and Confidence & Empowerment coach for Women with Careers. I have a toolbox of skills which help me to sing in front of 4000 people without breaking into a sweat. I have shared my tool box with the Banking Industry, T-Mobile/Orange, NHS, Education sector, Fire Service and #Commshero! And now I am sharing it with the most dynamic sector in the World: Women With Careers!! "

When not Confidence & Empowerment coaching Sarah-Ann lectures on Voice and Performance technique at the University of Wolverhampton. Click here to see more footage of Sarah-Ann Confidence & Empowerment coaching.